Grade 6


How home means to me

All my worries melt away when I see my Home.

It is a place with purpose.

A place I enjoy staying.

I feel loved happy, free and safe.

Without leaving I can play and relax.

Where the snow lays and glimmers like stars to soon be gone.

The warming welcome from Pets and Parents.

My peeping eyes looking at all the Crows, Bunnies and Squirrels.

When the shining day comes to an end and the sun sky morphs from Blue to Orangey Red.

The stars plop up with glows like little shows.

I hunch over on the couch watching the fascinating movies with my family.

Lying in bed knowing it could all be gone in a snap,

saying the days last words:

Good Night.

Waking up with the smell of brewing tea with buttered raisin bread.

Letting me know I’m Home.