Grade 5


🏠How home feels🏠

I feel at home; it’s a place to live.
I would never imagine it’s something to give.
When I get home I see my family.
It feels so good to see them happily.
When I get home I eat a snack.
Then I unpack my backpack.
When I’m done I wait for dinner.
I’ve never thought that I am a winner.
After dinner I go to bed.
As happy dreams arise in my head.
As I wake up at 6am.
I realized now how happy I am.
I couldn’t imagine me, without a home.
Everyone should have a home, a place to rome.
I hope this poem brings some joy to you.
What I say is all always true.
I started to imagine where I would go and play.
Everyone should feel this way and if not I’m glad to pay.