Grade 6

British Columbia

How Home Feels to Me

Every night and day,
I appreciate that I have a place to stay.
A place that I can call my own,
a place I call my home.

I’m grateful I have a happy home,
with lots of love, and joyous family,
even though sometimes it can get a little calamity.
My favourite thing to do at home,
is laugh and hang with my big bro.

Yes, I love my family with all my heart,
but sometimes they can be a little tart.
My home is my favourite place to be,
because at home I feel free.

I have two homes, and with that I’m lucky,
but for some people it’s not that sunny.
Some people don’t have a home,
so I wrote this poem to show they’re not alone.

Please don’t judge, I know it’s cringy,
but I’d like to help with people in need.