Grade 5

St. Albert

How Does Home Make Me Feel?

What do you like about your home? What I like about my enchanting home is where I can play and laugh. Where I can snuggle and cuddle and play with my dogs. My home is a lovely place where I can feel safe and have a roof over my head. It is also a place where I can feel inspired .

How do you feel when you enter your home? When I enter my home I feel there are a bunch of love and happiness. There are a lot of good and bad. When I walk into my home I feel the lovely memories coming back.

How do I connect with my family ? Going for a walk to see the beautiful nature around my home. When I sit down to eat dinner in a nice home it makes us connect . When we do family game night it makes us laugh and have a lovely time . And when we play sports it really helps us connect . And that is what homes means to me in my family.