Grade 6

New Brunswick

House vs Home

The Meaning of Home By:Marcel Boudreau
What dose home mean to me .Home to me is a place to spend time with your family and cherish that time with them because it will not last forever.Also it is a place to laught and make home is we’re you can have pets.Home is a place were you are trusted to express your self.Home is a place were you should feel belonging and free.Plus you should be sharing and careing to each other.

What Is A House
Houses at built with 4 walls and a lot of care and love. A house is a place to stay and live in safety and make all those memories that a home gives you. A house is a place with furnature.A house can be big and a house can be small it can be long and it can be wide

Home is were you have holidays. Home is also were the heart a house can be built all around the world.And if I win this compotion I hope I can give a family a home like me I would be so happy.