Grade 5


House vs Home

House Vs Home

They say it’s not how big the house is, but how happy the home is.

Just like any other house mine has three floors, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and three bathrooms. I’ve already had more than two houses and each time I moved I didn’t feel comfortable, but my family was there with me. That’s how my house became a home.

Each time I think of home this is what I think of. A big warm bed, a cozy pillow, a soft comfy blanket, and my fun hardworking family. I think of the smell of cinnamon spice cookies cooking in the oven and the place where all my memories are made. Like the time my family was decorating for Christmas and we were all festive. I believe my home is where I become who I am in the future. Home is my dad snoring comfortably in his bed, my sister cuddled in her bed with her phone, and my mom making the most delicious dinner ever. That’s home to me.

I know that a lot of kids do not have a house or a home. I am happy and blessed to have both. My heart is full because of my family.

By Lauren