Grade 5


House vs Home

House vs Home
By Ansh Patel

‘It takes hands to build a house but only heart can build a house’. To me this quote is special because my home is where I store memories and family. But a house is just built with walls, wood beams and cement. So, what I mean is a house is just empty, no memories or family.
When we moved into my house it didn’t feel like a home it felt empty. But when I got sick I stayed home for a month. That helped me get used to my house. That’s also when I got my Xbox. It was so fun. The first two games I got were Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Lego Avengers.
I remember when I bought a new house. That’s also when I got my first nerf gun. That’s when I got used to my home because I started to make memories and family. Guess what? I still remember when my mom dad and sister went to the movies.
In conclusion I think a home Is better than a house.