Grade 4


House V.S. Home

House V.S. Home

A House is somewhere you live, buy and pay bills. A house is just a shelter that you live in where as a home is where the heart is. In a house you do no work and in a home you do plenty of work to make sure that it’s nice. A home can be anything, anywhere, a house is just structure. Home is where family is. It is where I feel safe and protected. That is what home means to me.

Home is where you are loved. Home is where family is. Home is safe.
When you are not at home it might seem like you are different from everyone else. A Home is comfortable and you feel like you belong. When you feel you are in danger outside, you can rely on being able to go home to get away from the danger. Because you have all your stuff at home. Your family is there to protect you. I felt safe when my dad was teaching me how to ride my bike because he was there when I fell. In a few hours I could ride perfectly and now I am working on tricks like jumping my front wheel. My dad’s support helped me to have courage to ride my bike even though I was falling and getting bruises and scrapes.

Home is where my family is. It is the place that I can feel safe and protected. That is what home means to me.