Grade 6


House to Home

House to Home
A home is more than wood and stone,
it’s a place where hope and love are born.
Memories are made with joy and laughter,
they will not disappear soon after.

Snow is falling on the ground,
we’re warm and cozy, safe and sound.
My sister runs outside with glee,
it’s just the winter, you and me.
Crouching, I form a snowball just as one whizzes by.
I stand up grinning, as I let mine fly!

Houses may stand straight and tall,
but homes are cherished, they’ll never fall.
Our sanctuary will be forevermore,
when a structure has nothing at its core.

I fall into my father’s warm embrace,
love and joy cover his face
Shielded by my mother’s sweet smile,
I’d run to her, mile by mile.
My sister’s laughter fills the air,
she’ll always be there, she’ll always care.

Together and happy we will be,
there’s no secret there’s no key,
But joined as one we ARE the home.
Safe at last no more to roam.