Grade 6

New Brunswick

House to Home


First of all, a home to me is where you can create childhood memories and a place where you can feel safe. I know the feeling do not being safe. A home is a place that hides your secrets and keep you safe from everything going on outside. Home is a place you will never leave,but if you do it will be hard.

Secondly, when you see a house it’s just a place you drive by everyday. It’s some one else’s home. Some one else feels the same way about their house that you fell about yours. A house is a place when abandoned others will come and vandalize. When you see a house, you don’t think anything of it and if you it’s usually a remark about how it looks.

In all, I believe the main difference between a house and a home is pride! You’re proud of yourself for having a home for owning some thing that big. Even if you need help with some things that’s fine. Because at the end of the day you worked hard to accomplish this. After all it’s your home. Safety and comfort just add to your happiness. Remember it’s your home,… your sanctuary!