Grade 5

British Columbia

House To Home

A house is just something made from bricks or wood. It’s made from no effort or love. It is somewhere that you just eat and sleep. A home is something else, It is a place to feel safe. It’s made from courage.
It is a place to have fun and enjoy yourself. A home is someplace to feel happy, because people will listen to you. A home is a place to make memories. I think a house is not special because you don’t make any memories.
My home is very special to me because it is where I have lots of fun. I can do whatever I want when I’m at home. I can play in my room, play video games, watch TV, even if I just want to hang out with my family.
It doesn’t matter if your home is big or small, it is a place that you love. To me, my home is a place where I belong. It doesn’t matter if your home is really nice because it is nice to you. I love my home because after a long day, I can just sit down and relax.
It is really sad that a lot of people don’t have a home. Most homeless people just decide to live on the sidewalks. I wish that all the homeless people would get a home. All those people that live on the street don’t really have any money because they don’t have a job.
When I’m older it is a place that I want to have the same experiences my parents had.