Grade 4


House or Home?

Home is home
And a house is a house
Come take a tour of mine
But be quiet as a mouse

First is my bedroom
Pretty pink carpet and light teal walls
Take a step out
And keep walking through the halls
You’ll find yourself in the kitchen
Standing tall with pride
Open the door of the pantry
What kinds of delicious foods are inside?

Let’s go into the dining room
With its table in the centre
Now keep walking, pat-pat-pat
And the lounge you shall enter
Getting bored? I’m sorry
Then why don’t we go outside?
It’s cold-cold-cold-brrr
Quick, run inside

Phew, that’s better
Now let’s go downstairs
And see if you can find anything
Amongst dolls, books and teddy bears

Now it’s time
To talk about home
It’s time for me
To write about it in this poem
Home is where books have been read
And kittens found
Where cats and a dog take over
And fish swim around

Home is where, with exuberant players,
Games have been played
Where, with frustrated sighs
Homework has been laid
On the dining room table
So they can work on the sheet

Where kids have raced in
To warm up in the heat
Come barging in the door
To hang out with your buds
Or sink down in the bathtub
To relax in the suds

Come home for consolation
When you’re in a muddle
You will receive
A kiss, advice and a cuddle

A house is a roof over your head
Safe and strong
And home is the feeling
That you belong
Everyone should have both