Grade 6


“House” or “Home”

When I was a little girl, I thought that a home and house was the same thing. “ A building where someone lives in”. I also thought that everyone in this world would have a home, apparently I was wrong. When my parents were asking me what a home was back in grade three, I never knew the answer. Maybe I just didn’t feel like answering or I just didn’t know the answer. As the years goes by, I realize now that I was completely wrong, about the “home” thing. How do I know this? It took a lot of time talking about it with my parents. I mostly figured it out by myself. I learned that a house and a home is completely different. First thing to know is that a home could be a place, but not always a building. A home doesn’t have to be indoor, it could be outdoor too. As long as you have the people you love, you’re welcomed, you’re respected and you’re safe and happy. Your home could be anywhere. As long as you’re safe in that environment, it’s a home. Whenever I go somewhere, like a school field trip or a camping trip. My parents always say that I will miss you or that your safe. When it is time to go. I realized, even with all the hugging and kissing they do when I leave, I know, I’m going to miss them. That’s why when they say call me, I really do. Every single night. It shows how connected you are to people. In a home, nobody can survive without each other. It a team effort. Like I always say, family is everything. I tribute this to everybody in this world who doesn’t have a home. Not a house, a home.