Grade 4


House and Home

A house is a building made of wood and bricks and stone. It will always be in the same place. There is a roof over your head and air conditioning for the summer, and heaters for the winter. You might even move from one to another. Other people will pay money for your brick and stone house. But a home is different. A home can be almost anywhere. A home is where you feel comfortable. Houses can be homes by adding a family. Some homes do not have electricity or soft couches or a TV. that doesn’t matter. It does not matter how much ‘stuff’ you have in your home. Or how big and fancy it might be. A true home is a place where you feel safe. You can’t sell your home. Your home is where you feel happy. You may have sad things happen in your home also. Maybe one of your family members died or someone got fired. But everyone goes through hard times. Just go to your home and remember the good times! Maybe you had holiday parties or birthday parties. It does not matter how it looks or how many things are in it. You can make it just about anything you want. Some people do not have a home, so they make homes in other places. It is still a home. Home. that one word means a lot to me. It means all the expressions, every memory, every birthday, every thought everything.