Grade 5


House and Home

I love to be with my friends at school, it’s so much fun!

But at home, there’s so much more!

When I’m there I feel like I can soar!

Other time’s I feel mad.

Like a mouse when it’s sad.

The only thing that will make me better is my mom and my dad.

You might think the things in a house are nothing cool.

But no, there as precious as a you.

Just like all the things that you do.

The walls in my home are not just a part of the house.

There the building blocks to my love!

What I like to do at home is read a book.

But that’s not all that I do, I also like to color on some clean white paper.

There’s so much more things that we can do at home than school.

But so much more that we can do at school.

I think home and school are both fun.