Grade 6

Winkler MB

hopes and dreams

Hopes and Dreams
A house you may seek,
But if you have a home you will only peek.
Buildings in a row,
Aren’t as great as hanging with your folks.
In a house are crickets and pests,
But in a home are loving pets.
A start of a refuge,
Is stronger than a lifetime in a structured wall.
The windows are made of glass,
When you throw that last snowball,
You hope you’ll be going to class.
You might open your house door to heat,
But in a home you open it to your heart.
Cement might keep your residence together,
But a sanctuary keeps everyone side by side forever.
Your kitchen sink drips,
But your bits of memories are like a sip of life.
The furnace might keep your building warm,
But love keeps your heart firm.