Grade 6

Winkler MB

Hopes And Dreams

Hopes And Dreams
A home is a place where you can be happy
It’s like a retreat
Full of memories
But a house is quite empty
All the memories of a baby being born
Or setting up the Christmas tree
A house could never compete with
In a home you’re shielded and comforted
In a house the only thing protecting you is bricks and stones
All the things you’ve built with your dad
All the renos were never sad
They were happy memories that never turned bad
All the memories of sleep walking and talking
Singing and dancing
Will be there for eternity
Never ending
Having people over for supper and such
Is just not as good in a lonely place
All those plaques
Pictures and frames
Are a sign of a happy retreat
It’s where you know your whole family will be
You may cherish your house
But not as much as your home
Because nothing can compete with that
You laugh
You giggle
Chuckle and snort
But in a house it’s so awkward you almost feel sick
All those sleepover pillow fights friends
They’re all memories
And good ones to
A house is no more
Than a building with a door
Because when you go in
It’s as empty as before
All those memories last
Never starting to fast
Because memories never fade