Grade 4


Hope in a Home

Hope in a Home by Cassius!
Home has friendship. At home fights start, and fights stop at home. Home is a place where anyone and everyone can help out. Everyone does their part at home. If no one does their part, theres no love, no care, no consideration for anyone who lives there. A house is a building made of wood, glass and nails, but a home is much more with love, consideration and care. At home anyone is welcome, me, my mom, my dad, my brother, my dog, my friends, and God, they’re all part of my home. A home can be as small as a box, it can be a mansion with a pet ox. I have a home and a family, isn’t that all anyone really needs? Anyone in your family should be more important than any toy. Anyone who has a home is a lot more blessed than the person that owns the biggest house in the world. At home we watch the holidays go by : Christmas, Easter, Valentine,s Day, St. Patrick,s Day, Canada Day and Halloween. I’m just saying, at home you can watch games on TV hockey, soccer, football and basketball. I just have a few more words to say. If you could chose between infinite riches and family. I would choose what anyone should, family, its the best thing anyone can ever have. And that can only be created in a home.