Grade 5


Homeward Bound

A home isn’t just a building or a shelter, a home is a group of people that are bonded and grow together. When I feel at home, I feel loved, safe, protected and warm. At home, I will always be daddy’s little girl and we go through thick and thin together. Home should be a place of peace, a place where you are able to pray and say I love you. When I am at home, I think of the people that have left me and who I miss dearly. If I didn’t have a home, I wouldn’t have made my best memories. A home is like sitting in a big cloud. When I am in this big cloud, I have amazing dreams. I hear people say that they love me. Home is where I hear the best news. My mom once said “a home will accept you no matter what” and she was right because a home was created for a reason and that reason wasn’t for us to argue in , it was created for us to spend many years in. You can just be yourself at home. Without a home I wouldn’t bond with my family, or feel safe, and feel loved. When I think of my home, I feel the warmth and comfort that I experience inside. In the end, a house only becomes a home when it is filled with love.