Grade 6


Homes vs. Houses

Homes make memories, but houses are cold.
Houses are what you need like roofs over heads with furniture and stuff like that, but homes are where you make memories and love with friends and family to help. People who aren’t wealthy don’t have roofs over their heads and that means they don’t make as many memories with friends or family. If you have your own room that means privacy. No quality time with your brother(s) or sister(s) means you won’t know them as quite as well as you think you do. I like watching tv and playing video games, but many people don’t have that. Its actually a good thing which means you get to know your parents and play with your brothers or sisters more often then you did before and you don’t fight or even think about trying to pull your sister’s hair out. Its a nice feeling to know that your parents are always trying to help you even when you think you don’t need it.
Cushions, beds , and your own room are all things you want, not what you need, they are all extra things. You don’t need a bed to sleep in, you can lie down o the floor with a mattress under you and a blanket to cover you. Homes are were you can invite your friends and family’s. All in all you don’t always meet your wants in life and that’s fine. You still fell the joy in building memories with others and that’s alright too.