Grade 4


Home’s The Place For Me

Home’s the place for me

By: Charlie Matthews

Home is a place to feel happy , safe , comfortable. I feel happy at home when I am with my family. Sometimes I love to sit on the floor and play board games with my family. I am happy when I can find a quiet corner and sit down to read.

Safe. Home is a safe place. I feel safe when I am snuggled in my bed with my bed with my stuffies all nice and warm. I feel safe when there is a storm and I am in my house, it makes me feel safe.Home feels safe when I am eating dinner with my family, it makes me feel all warm and happy when we are together.

Home should be comfortable. I feel comfortable when I can sit down on the couch and watch TV. I feel comfortable when I am asleep in my bed. I am comfortable when I can sit on the couch and not worry about anything.

Home is not just the things you have. It is also the people you live with and the feelings you get when you are there. Home is important to many people and that’s why everyone needs a home!