Grade 6


Home’s Song

A home
Is only as full as its purpose
Could be vaster than its physical surface
Memories and mortar are its build.

Sustainable and bursting with character
Nurtured from laughter and
Resident’s will
Like a bud in spring it grew
And now it’s here to care for you

Each home sings a symphony
About who it is,
What it is and who lives within

My home?
Its song is low and quiet
Tells the story
Of it’s softly cracking paint
Blue as the robin’s egg
And it’s long lived taint

Of its warmness in the winter
The footprints in the snow
Like a rabbit’s burrow in autumn
Its heat will never go

It contains the people who raised me
Who held and who praised me

When I was nothing but a seed
Who hadn’t yet sprout
They told and taught me
Showing me every route

When the Streetlight filters through the windows
And the train howls a lullaby
When the maple leaves fly like minnows
We’ll sleep under the moon’s watchful eye

Be quiet
And you’ll hear the creaks of the house
As it wakes up at twilight
Listen silently
And you’ll hear the mourning doves
Cooing their dawn howl and peep

Home is where
Humour manifests
Joy is the quest
Warmth is the gentle comfort
And love, is the rest