Grade 4


Homes Need

Homes Need

By:Kendra Sanders

Families need love and happiness
They need homes to live in to stay safe.
People need to have hope and kindness and peace.

They need to stay healthy to help their kids and give medicine to them.
They need food so they don’t starve, don’t beg for food.
They need money to pay bills and buy books for kids to learn .

People need warmth to stay warm so they don’t get cold.
Families need somewhere to sleep so they can have energy.

The words they need are freedom, love, warmth,
Sleep, happiness, food
And safety, life, home, peace, hope.
Rest, cozy, fun, friends, shelter, comfort,
Family, own, mine and roof.
Relaxing, residing, sanctuary.
Heart, refuge, roof.

The heart cares
People need these things to help
stay happy in life
And have hope inside them.