Grade 4


Home’s Meaning

Home is someplace where you can stay.
A place where you choose your own way.

Home is important to everyone.
Home is where you see no guns.
No violence, just love.

On your fluffy bed you lay.
Thinking about the other delays.

The people who have no place to stay.
The people who have no place to lay.

Every night you have some food.
Everyone’s in a happy mood.

We all have a person who’d tuck us in.
But some people only have a tin, to lay in, to sleep in.
Un-comfy as it sounds, it’s the way some people live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Each and every day.

You volunteer, to save some tears.
Build some homes
For all those who roam.

Some dreams have not been built.
So build a quilt, and much more things.

To make a house more than strings.