Grade 5


homes for humanity

There are many thing in my house and home that calms me down. I can touch my toys, pet, bed, tv, food and family. Those are all special to me. I love to touch everything new to me. I like to touch stuff like pets and soft stuffy. I bet everyone live to touch new things.
I love my house because it is awesome. All of my special stuff is there and my pets are there. I have lots and lots of stuff at my house. I feel safe at my house, warm, and cozy. My house is so awesome and so cool.
My home has all of family there and pets. I love home because I get to see family and pets. I feel warm and cozy there. My family loves to visit and talk to each other. It is so much fun at my home.
There is a pet at my grammas house, it is a puppy, and it is mine. It is in my family because I love it like someone in my family. My puppy loves me because I feed it, give it some water, and play with it and it plays with me. I love pets so much and I so much fun to play with them.