Grade 5


home’s for humanity

What Home Means To Me

Home is where memories are made I remember when we brought our dog Tazz home. I also remember moving to Estevan when I was four when we moved to Estevan we lived on a farm and went to school in Estevan. I remember going to my mom’s wedding and playing with my cousins and taking food from the table. I had a lot of fun playing hide and seek, tag listing to songs visiting with family and having pop. I remember lifting me and my cousin’s bikes over barbwire in to a field.

I went horseback riding in the mountains with my sister, and mom and dad it was a small tail. My horse continue to stop for food to eat we also saw buffalo on the tail it got rally bumpy on the tail. I also went hunting for moose and deer on the farm we had a good spot where the deer like to be in a valley it was cold. I liked camping in the hills with family that is when me and my cousin put are bikes over bred wire in to a field. The field was very hard to bike in when it was we also had games to play when it was Hailee.

I also remember when we went camping in the mountains in Albert the water was so cold and nice and clean you could drink out of the water there was a play that they did every night about wild life. We got to see a bear scull at one of the plays. We saw goats on the sided of the road they were mountain goats we were on our way to BC we were vary closes to the board.