Grade 4


Homes for Everyone

For the Meaning of Home Contest, I wrote this. Enjoy!

I don’t like seeing people on the streets. It makes me sad. I wish everybody had a home. That’s why I participated. I don’t want to get a prize. But I want to win so I can donate 30,000 dollars to a home. That’s why I want to win. I just want people to have a home. In my opinion, I don’t think there’s a difference between a broken down shed or a multi-billion mansion, I think it matters where the love is. It matters where the love is. I REALLY want every single person in the world to experience the meaning of home. I want them to walk to where they usually go, and find that instead of a lamp post there’s a whole new house just waiting for them. Just waiting for a whole new family to move right in, experience joy and happiness and never be sad again.