Grade 6


Homes are Life

Homes are Life

“Ah”, the beautiful home of love and relaxing. Family to friends that give home life as love flows in peace.

From cool snow in the back yard as I dig giant snow caves like a dog. I shivered with my shin turned pink as I known it will be worth it. Dig, dig, dig I thought as I pushed harder. I finished but something was missing. Family!

“MMM”, the amazing inside of a home. Of love and dreams. Families give homes life.

From fresh food in the kitchen as my mama made my grilled cheese. I eat it slow as my mouth dies and my brain exploded from the mouthwatering taste. Mama gave me a smile and made seconds. She said,” It’s made with love my dear”. I gave a smile back with a “Ok” as I watch her make two more.

“Hu” the shining living room of a home of love and freedom. Friends give homes life.

From relaxing in the living room as my family gathers around to have a seat. We all sit on a brown couch as we watch TV every Friday. We’re are silent like a movie theater as we watch. As on the commercials we look at each other then talked. My dad fast forwards them then we go silent like a black cat in the night.

“Ah” the beautiful home of love from family to friends that gives homes life. That’s why I want to stay here for as long as possible.