Grade 5


homes and houses

Homes and houses
Houses can be homes if you feel safe. There are some differences and similarities with homes and houses this will show you some.

A home is a place you can make memories of you and your family. A home is a place you love and a place you will always remember forever. A home is also a place that you will feel safe. That is what a home is like.

A house can be anything it could be an apartment or a building. A house can be on the streets or somewhere you do not know of you just live there. A house can be a bus station or even a bus but that may not be somewhere you feel safe it’s not a home it’s a house which is a place.

The similarities about a house and a home is that a home and a house are both somewhere you live and you might think that a house can’t be a home but it can a house can be a home as long as you feel safe in it.Like for example a bus station can be a home if you feel safe in it but if you don’t then it’s a house.Those were the similarities about a house and a home.

Now some of the differences between a home and a house. A house normally is not a home because you don’t feel safe in it or it is not somewhere you feel like you willmake memories in it so it is not a home it’s a house.Also you only have one home but you can have a bunch of houses.

Those were some things about homes and houses.Now you know the differences, similarities and why a house could be a home.