Grade 4



I have a home, there for me, but people without, have no glee.

Every time I look at them I feel guilt, wishing they had a fantastic home built.

I love to snack on sugar and honey, but some can not because they have no money.

Playing with RC cars is fantastic they go zoom, but some do not have a nice room.

I have tasty dinners, I feel like a true winner.

I wear jackets when it is breezy, but some are freezing.

I wear a nice shirt, I fix the collar, but some people beg for a dollar.

Spending time with my friends and having fun, but some can’t see loved ones.

When I go home I feel accepted, whether I fail or succeed, but people with no homes are unfortunate in deed.

Home is where I feel loved, that I know for sure, but people with no homes don’t have that to assure.

At home is where I have the most fun, I love my family a ton.

When I get home I relax on the couch, but some get hurt yelling ouch.
This is for all to read, because it is important to help the people in need.

The end.