Grade 6

British Columbia


Hi, I’m going to talk about Habitat for Humanity Homes. Habitat for humanity is a place to go like a house where you can hang around with friends and family. It also is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe. Also, it gives you shelter and a place to sleep.
Homes are safe and comfortable when bad things happen. A home can almost be anything like a box or tree house. A home is also a way of hanging out with WiFi and having fun with friends. It also is a place where you can keep a lot of storage like clothes and food and lots of other cool things. A home has a lot of other cool things like sinks and showers and toilets and lots of other water resources. Also, a home can be a place where you can be safe with your family

Here are some listed things for what you can do at your home:
– wifi
– outside play
– storage
– use water resources
– sit on the couch and talk to a friend

Here is a list of things that your house keeps you safe from:
– the elements
– dangerous animals
– natural disasters
– crime

That is what a Habitat for Humanity home is.