Grade 6

cote st luc


A home to me is necessary. If you don’t have a home you get treated differently.

You don’t have food. You are glued to the cold ground trying to find a house hold,a shelter, foster home , a mansion,an apartment. Anything else but the cold bare dirt.Trying to find clothes maybe a skirt or a shirt?

Home is the position where I feel safe because I am aware that friends and family are there to keep me protected. Not only that but I have someone to talk to and that makes me feel perfected.

You have food and with your brothers and sisters you might start a feud, but let’s be honest a home is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you. It might seem normal as you grew. However brainstorm life without parents, siblings and friends…scary right.

Love is given no matter what.The connection between you and your family with never be cut.Want to know why?because when your were down your sister is there,your parents,your brother is there ,everybody was there when you felt like giving up!

One thing you should know is you should never be embarrassed of your family because some people don’t have Therefore don’t cover it up.