Grade 6



I want to tell you about my homes. I have two homes. Most people do, maybe you have two homes too. Sometimes they are loud and you have nowhere to go to escape from it because you have to share a room with your brother or sister, and it’s kind of annoying but sometimes you love it. In winter it’s warm and in summer it’s hot and I have to turn on the fan because me and my brother Josh sweat because Josh is a body heater. Every night I feel safe. My family is surrounding me. Every night when my dad gets home from work we lock the doors and lock the windows and that’s when I feel safe and sound. Then we have supper and sometimes we have dessert.We watch a family movie together. At my mom’s house I have my own room but my brothers and sisters dressers are in my room. My brother has the big room and me and my sister has the similar rooms.