Grade 5



Homes are comfortable,
homes are safe,
Your household is where you can find some faith.
Homes are where you can call it yours,
It’s also where you do your chores.
Homes are where there are people that care,
your feelings matter even when you get scared.
Homes are where you feel in control,
especially when you accomplish your goal.
Your home is where you go after school,
and in winter homes can feel quite cool.
Your home is where your family lives,
and when you make a mistake your family forgives.
They are wonders and can be many things,
colors and shapes, most of them are unique with many escapes.
Homes are where you know your way around,
and what becomes lost is always found.
Homes are where you can’t compare,
to the true self that everyone is rare.
It’s a place where no one can judge,
even when you feel like you want to hold a grudge.
Homes are something some people don’t own,
how fortunate we are that the place we sleep is known.
A home is something everyone wants,
it’s not nice to sleep outside restaurants.
It’s a feeling of being lucky to have somewhere to stay,
not being outside day by day.
A home makes you feel cozy and warm on the inside and out,
everyone without any doubt, your home is always a place to sprout.