Grade 5


Homeman V.S. Bank Banks

One day there was a man named Steve. Steve was a nice man who was looking for a home but he could not afford one. So, as anyone would do, he went to “Habitat for humanity” to apply for one. Because of their generosity, he got a home that he helped build and buy. Steve was so happy, he became Homeman. Homeman went around helping people get homes and overall, being a good guy. One day, when Homeman was helping the Vandermen family build a house, a man in a very nice suit (seriously, it’s a nice suit) came over to the construction site.
“Homeman, do you have any idea who I am?” the man in the very nice suit said.
“No actually, I don’t,” Homeman replied.
“I am Bank Banks from Banks incorporated and you have been driving away a lot of potential customers from my business to your, hem hem hopeless charity” Mr. Banks explained snobbily.
This was one step too far, Homeman charged at Mr. Banks angrily but he had already anticipated it. Bank grabbed Homeman around the chest and circle threw him into the house they were building. For a banker, Mr. Banks was pretty strong.
All the workers dropped what they were doing to go and see if Homeman was alright. Homeman stood up and looked angrily at Mr. Banks.
“C’mon, are we just gonna let him destroy our hard work, let’s get him!” Homeman hollered passionately.
The rest of the volunteers followed suit with their inspirational words of encouragement as they darted towards Bank Banks, hammers and wood planks in hand. Mr. Banks took quite a beating until Homeman called them off.
“Thank you Homeman for saving me from these uncivilized-oof!” Mr.Banks tried to say but Homeman hit him with a Homeman-styled roundhouse kick.
“That’s what you get you dirty money grabbing scum! Now off with your filth, get it out of my sight before I clobber you again!” Homeman exclaimed angrily.
Mr. Banks scrambled to his feet, trying to get away from the almighty Homeman, builder of homes.
“I’ll be back Homeman, I will get my revenge!” Mr. Banks screamed as he ran for his life.