Grade 4


Homemade Food

Home means fresh spicy sweet fluffy homemade food to me. Homemade food always has different ingredients. The homemade food makes me feel like home because outside food is always the same stuff. They always add spicy or mild chicken to it or same salt for different food but home made food has a lot of different spices, flavors , and meat added to it every time which makes me feel like home. Homemade Food made from my loving and caring mom or dad. The food is made from my mom or dad and my mom and dad are people I feel comfortable with so that is why the homemade food made from someone I know and trust makes me feel like home. Not having to pay for food. When homemade food is made I don’t have to pay like if I was in other restaurants I would pay different amount of money but homemade food is always no money witch makes homemade food feel like home. This is what home means to me. What does home mean to you?