Grade 5



Some things may happen to people and they may regret it but that won’t stop them from fighting for their lives if they do lose something important. Like losing their home or losing their job or not even being paid at work! But what happened to them during their lives? Well, how are we supposed to know? We have cozy, warm, relaxing, safe homes and they don’t have any of that!

There are so many lives endangered from homelessness. Over 735,000 children don’t have a proper home in Canada and we’re here to help them all. So donate to the Habitat for Humanity so they can build homes for the homeless. Hope is in all of us including the homeless. I wish I could help by donating lots of money. In the future, I want to have a company that collects money from others and uses it to build homes for homeless people. So remember to be kind and donate to the homeless, so they can live longer, better and happier lives.