Grade 6


Homeless, Not Hopeless

I wake up due to an earsplitting clap of thunder and the pattering of rain gets harder and harder. I sit up and enjoy the fierce but calming pitter-patter of the rain on the roof just above me, and think about what it would be like if it wasn’t there, and in its place soaking wet rags plastered to my body and a single crumb of bread to keep me alive until next week. I pull myself out of bed, wrap my quilt around me, and head downstairs, my heavy steps making the stairs thump and creak. Once I get to the bottom of the stairs, I step into my silky slippers and head into the kitchen. In the kitchen, I pour myself a mug of milk and place it in the microwave. Heading over to the cabinet to grab the hot chocolate powder, I think, “what if there was no microwave, no milk or even no hot chocolate powder?” Then the beeping of the microwave jolts me from my thoughts. I place a packet of mint chocolate powder and mix it into the steaming milk until it’s nice and frothy. Cautious not to burn my hands, I carry the hot chocolate to the dining table. I then go and dig out my turquoise diary, which I haven’t written in for a millennium, find my beloved black pom-pom pen, sit at the table and begin to write….

Hey There Diary,

I’m sitting at the dining table right now and thinking about home. Do you realize how fortunate we all are? I understand that a lot of people say that I’m fortunate for having so many things in my life, but they’re extremely fortunate too, but they just don’t notice it! Home really means love, and pleasure, and comfort, and of course hot chocolate! Really, should life had dealt a different hand, I could be somewhere, being drenched in the rain, or maybe I would be residing in a fancy private school dormitory, eating chips and guzzling pop (against the rules of course.) I really, really hope that one day, people can work hard and free the world of homelessness, violence, and hunger, and so many more problems. I just wish that the world would be a better place. But even if it isn’t very good right now, everyone can make it a better place, and if we just work hard and donate the extra change instead of using it for a gumball or a toy at a vending machine, even though it may not mean a ton to us,
it could mean the world, and to live for another day to somebody else who is struggling to cope with the hardships of life.

Your Best Friend

I finish the rest of my delicious hot chocolate, kicking off my silky slippers as I head upstairs, wriggle into my tangled sheets and allow the soft rain lull me into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.