Grade 6

British Columbia

Homeless Houseless

Homeless, Houseless

“I’m homeless and houseless,

please donate, I have many fears.”

I tremble on the sidewalk as I hold my sign in tears.

There’s one more month ‘til winter,

the air is getting cold.

I’m going to need some clothing

that is not as worn and old.

My family is all gone now, I am all alone.

My stomach’s always rumbling

and I’m as skinny as a bone.

I forage for food in trash cans,

but one time as a treat,

this nice man gave me a burger

that was not found on the street!

Every day is always the very same.

Wake up, go find food,

beg with shame.

I lie down on a park bench as

the sun tells me goodnight.

Why me? Why me?

Why do I have to fight this fight?

* * *

There’s a girl on that bench,

She looks raggedy and worn.

I wonder if she’d like a home or my mom’s

best cream corn.

Maybe I should wake her? Or leave her here to snooze?

I have some money in my pack

that she might like to use.

“Hello little girl,

would you like some money?

I see that you are homeless

and would like to help you, honey.”

* * *

“Thank you VERY much, I appreciate it a lot,

I love you for your actions

I’ll use this for something hot.”

* * *

It felt good to give her money,

made me want to give her more.

I could donate to a place that gives houses to the poor.

Makes me think about where they live,

it must be so helter skelter.

I’m so thankful for my house,

so thankful for my shelter.