Grade 6




Once there was a girl named Adrian, and she got badly bullied by a boy named Jayden only because Adrien was less wealthy than Jayden. Of course, Adrian hated the way Jayden would call her mean names, hurt her feelings, and remind her how needy she was. However, Adrian dealt with the bullying for a while.

One day Jayden was impolitely speaking to Adrian, It the worst way she has ever heard someone speak to her. Jayden was talking about how she was too poor to ever afford a home or a future job, Adrian got angry but did not say anything because she was scared if she would get bullied more. Until her friend named Ashley came up to Jayden and told him that she may not have a house, but she most definitely has a home. Both Adrian and Jayden were confused about what she was saying until Adrian said “what do you mean? You know I don’t have a home.”

Ashley started laughing, thinking “How do they not know the difference between home and house?”

Ashley continued saying “A house is somewhere you live, and a home is somewhere you feel safe, loved, and protected. So, in fact, Jayden has many homes such as me.”

Ashley said smiling as Jayden was thinking about how stupid he sounded all these times he was bullying Adrien. Jayden was trying to apologize, and Adrien has accepted his apologies but reminded him to think before you speak.