Grade 5

Prince Albert


Home is very important to homebodies. I know because I am a homebody. If was asked to go out, I will (if given the option) stay home. I stay home a lot to grind the game I’m playing. I have decided that I (if given the option) will always stay home.
Home to me means a place where people care about me, look out for me, and keep a roof over my head. I get to laugh with friends (on google meet) and family. I have tickle wars with my family and play with friends and family on Xbox.
Family game night was recently a video game called Castle Crushers and has been super fun!!! Board games such as Life, Sorry and Codebreaker are games we play on other family nights. It works up an appetite. And with my dad being such an amazing cook, the food is…well, amazing. My favorites are steak, pork chops, bacon, pulled pork, hash browns, pizza, and mac and cheese with hotdogs. And a great way to pass the time as a homebody is *drum roll* music!
I love listening to music while gaming, cleaning doing schoolwork and playing with toys. Being home means I have more time to do what I enjoy; mine being gaming, others could like drawing, reading, tv, cleaning (somehow), and playing with toys. Being a homebody could help us get through COVID because this will last years.
Some people think being a homebody is bad, but being a homebody is pretty fun. Considering the world with COVID, I get to enjoy home more than usual. I prefer to be home and google meet is a fun new way to chat with friends without going to someone’s house. COVID has kind of helped me in one way. I don’t always have to go shopping with mom and dad. I have found MY TRUE PURPOSE IN LIFE: being a homebody.