Grade 6


Home Wraps Around Me

After a long day at my best friend’s house I finally get home at about 9:30 pm on a cold winter night. When I walk in, I can feel the warm air on my skin. My friendly dog greets me by barking in a high-pitched manner as I say, “Calm down Winnie!” I see my mom sitting on the couch watching The First 48. The fire in the fireplace is crackling softly and quietly. I start to feel warmer and cozier as I walk into the living room. I jump on the couch scaring my trouble-making cat, Sammy, who is messing around with my dog. I watch tv with my mom for 30 minutes before I go upstairs to watch Full House and cuddle with my cat. I jump on my bed and my body sinks into the soft mattress. Later, I go downstairs to get my absolute favourite snack: milk and a Bear Paw. As I take out the milk carton, I can hear the peaceful sound of the wind gusting from outside. I take a moment to look out my kitchen window, and watch the light snow fall slowly as more and more stars start to appear in the beautiful night sky. The snow on the ground looks like a soft and fluffy white blanket. I feel an arm wrap around me as I look to the side to see my mom, standing there grinning at me. We both go up the stairs, Winnie and Sammy following. She comes and tucks me into bed. We say goodnight, as my mom slowly walks towards the door. Before she leaves the room, she turns back with the same grin. She turns back around, closing the door behind her. I say goodbye to the night, as my eyes slowly shut.