Grade 5


Home With my Homies

Some homes are loud, some are quiet some have pets some don’t. Today I will talk about how I am thankful that I have a home, but also how my home is predictable.

This is why I am thankful I have a house. At home I feel I have everything I need,my home is perfect for me. I am thankful I have a roof to live under, a bed, a dog, and a family.

This is why my house is predictable. Every time I walk in my door my dog Daphne comes to me very happy wagging her tail so hard she sometimes falls down jumps to my knee almost like she is saying, “Come here and give me a hug!”

My family. I am so happy to have a family. My mom and dad work so very hard for money, food, and clothes my sister and brother are USUALLY nice, keep me happy, and help me. My family works together like screws and wood to make a house!

So what home means to me is, predictable, exciting, thankfully great and a lot about my family. I hope you find a great home, a home like your wonderland!