Grade 6

British Columbia

Home, where your story begins

Home, Where Your Story
The meaning of home to me is being with my family and dog in our safe, warm,
comfortable home.
The meaning of home is a sense of belonging. Having safety, warmth, your family and a pet if you have one. It is also nice to be cozy, comfortable and being loved I think everyone likes being loved.
The meaning of house to me is it is just a building it is somewhere you live. In a house it usually dose not have a sense of belonging. In a house you can find a kitchen, living room, bedroom and a bathroom. A house is just a place with rooms and a house does not feel like a safe place.
The meaning of home to me it feels like I am loved and I have a sense of
belonging. In my home I feel safe especially with my dog Cooper he makes me feel safe in my
home. So that is what the meaning of home is to me.
Home is not a place, it is a feeling.