Grade 5


Home: Where we make memories

Home: Where we make memories

When I come home I feel welcome
With the soft breeze of opening the door
My dog starts barking
And I walk to her on my hard wooden floor
It’s just me and my mom
And I like to think of home where it’s really calm

I do think of people who need shelter
I like to help those who need it
For those people who need homes and warm fireplaces lit
Let’s change the world to be a better place

My home means more to me then it would to anyone else
Its where we all gather
For day and night
We all need to be safe
And have some faith

At my house I play with my dog
And my cats
I’m a only child so I try to keep myself occupied
I’ve always tried
And I’m pretty satisfied

I’m so thankful to have a roof over my head
And to have food placed on a table before my eyes
I can’t say it in words how much people need this
We all need a bed

We all need a roof
We all need a friend
We all need a house
We all need a blouse

We need the welcome and warming feeling of your house
No matter who it is
We all need a roof over our heads
And that soft warming feeling when our parent or friend tuck you in beds
We all need to help
Be nice
And be precise

And remember, your house is your home
Always remember there’s always a trail home
Never forget
Loving and caring isn’t a sweat

At my house
We bond
We cherish
And we grow fond

We always remember the happy memories
Like when I got my puppy
And we bathed the kitties
And we moved in to the house
My house is ginormous though
I’ve grown to be this awesome, loving person in my own very home

My home is more than a roof over my head
This may sound weird but its my friend
When my mom comes home from a tough shift at work
She comes home and gets the fireplace to work

We all need a home
It may have the same shape of someone else’s but not the same feeling:

In cold times I curl up on the couch
In a blanket
Wrapped so warm
Like a burrito
In a certain form

Home Is where we go for shelter
Cuddling around that fireplace
With a dog on my lap
And cats jumping with space

All the protective systems
Fire alarm
Smoke alarm
Burglar alarm
All there to cause no harm
I snuggle in my Harry Potter room
Looking out the window
To the beautiful sunset and moon
Twinkling stars shine
It looks like something real fine

Home is a magical place
To love
To bond
To cherish
To laugh
To smile

To play with your toys
To sleep with loud noise
To sleep in your bed
And be fed

I run around
Chasing my dog
While she’s chasing the cat
And when I run around
I know
There’s no place like home.