Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

Home, where tomorrow will always be a better day.

My home, where tomorrow will always be a better day.

My home is my safe haven. Where my parents help me become a better me. Where I am taught that the impossible is possible.
Where I’m not alone.
Where family comes first and my opinions matter. Where learning is natural and communication skills are fined tuned.
It’s where I am not judged. However, when warranted it’s for my personal growth.
A place where I have fun being a kid. Where I can play, sing and dance without being shy.
A place where memories and family bonds are created.

When I come home after a hard day of school my mommy’s smile accompanied with her hugs and kisses and afternoon snack makes everything so much better.

Obviously a home is not an oasis where nothing goes wrong. On the contrary, you know when you might have misbehaved when your mom or dad talks sternly. Or, it sounds like they are using a loudspeaker.

My home is where I learn right from wrong. From an early age I was taught to be truthful.
But even with punishment, I know that it’s really the love my parents have for me to help me correct my wrong ways.

With life’s daily challenges with many ups and downs, every day will end with my parents tucking me in and giving me a hug and kiss. My father always ends the evening with goodnight my sweetheart. With God’s help tomorrow will be a better day. I know others may not be as fortunate and I pray they too will have a place called home. As I drift asleep I thank God for allowing me to have a place to call home.