Grade 6


Home Where New Memories Start

My home fills you with so much passion. A silver white key which holds more memories than ever before. Filled with everlasting memories, broken windows and walls. A place I was raised to become someone better than my current self, The place I belong and where my memories too. Opening the door can turn a regular house into a home. Safety, warmth, and a residence makes me think of home.

A safe neighborhood, a safe house. Where my parents provided for me, memories that make me laugh, brighter smiles that are all around me. Family and friends that had gathered in my home, they might have left but their memories never did. Brighter future and so much light that comes from my home, and the people around me.

Warm fireplace and a navy blue fills the sky. Clean clothes, to keep me dry. Warm food that is made everyday for me, somewhere that can be warm even without a thermostat. A kind family who shows love and care through everything.

My residence where adventures lie, where new memories start and others are still remembered. The place I woke up in, and went to bed. My friends and family leave my house, but they never leave my home. I’ve grown so much through everything my family did.

Habitat for humanity is giving others a special home, for them to make memories for themselves. Creating the things we once had. As I’m typing now I am raising $10 for people who need a home, for them to start their own memories. Safety, Warmth and Residence are what make up a home, not a house.