Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home, where I get up after I fall.

Home, 家, Casa, Hus, בַּיִת, Maison, σπίτι, Huis.
No matter how you say it, you deserve to have a home.
A home is what some people take for granted, be happy you have it.
Some people don’t have a home, they’re all alone. Especially during these hard times, everyone deserves to sleep in a bed and have a roof over their head.
A house is not a home until my family and I move in, until I’m in its walls, and running down its halls.
All deserve a home, boy and girl deserve it, big, small, and tall deserve it, man and woman deserve it, every person deserves a home.
For home is where I rest my head, and sleep through the night, it needs to be just right.
Sometimes people have one home and some more than others, but some people have none.
Home is where I laugh, play, and have fun. Where I gather around a meal, heal when I’m hurt. Where I learn right from wrong, sing songs, and play games. For no home is the same.
But most of all a home is where I get up after I fall.