Grade 5

British Columbia

HomeWhat’s Inside the Shell

To me the meaning of home is not just a building. A home is a place you enjoy in a place you feel welcome. A house is not always a home. If you don’t like your house you are not forced to call it your home. A home is a place that has meaning in your heart. But if some place that provides your amusement such as an amusement park you should not call it your home. A home is a place you enjoy a place for family, a place of love if your house does not provides this you do not have to name it your home. Your parents are a big part of home your parents are usually the people that cared for you and raised you. Sure you have ups and downs but in the end they love you and you love them. WYour parents did everything for you they bought close for you they fed you they did everything that brought you to where you are now. The difference between a house and a home is that a house is a building that you live in and do your activities in. Your house is as well the place most people referred as home. But a home is a place filled with memories and fun not a place made with planks and bricks. Also if you go on a vacation when you come back you may miss your trip but if you travel back and stay there you would probably miss the memories and fun times you had back home.In conclusion even though you might not have the biggest house the memories inside are just as nice. The house is the outer shell of home. And home is the incredible inside of the boring shell.