Grade 6


Home, what is it?

Home can be seen in a myriad of different
perspectives. Varietal people view home in numerous perspectives,
and different things make home special to these different people.

Home; a place where family and friends are.
Where they live, love and laugh.
Home, filled with memories.
Memories of family dinners, play days with my friends, and having fun with my brother fill my home with joy and love.

Home; a place where favorite things are.
Home with little or a lot of possessions
no matter how old or tardy my things, bring delight to cherish.
beautiful home, filled with toys, big and small,
Even my favorite teddy, though ripped and old, is just right for me.

Home; my savior.
Home; a protector and comforter
home; a mother polar bear, holding me in her embrace.
Like a wolf den, my home protects me from harsh cold and scorching heat.

Home; a feeling
A feeling of love
To be loved and to love
To be cheery, bring joy and make everyone happy
A feeling of bliss and gratefulness to have a home

Long story short,
home is a place that protects us,
brings enjoyment
and is where loved ones are.
Home, no matter what perspective you look at, is of immeasurable value.